Sleep Apnea: Check In On Your Sleep

sleephappyHave you never ever heard of sleep apnea? If so, then you have no idea that your lack of energy throughout the day may mean you require sleep apnea treatment. Let’s back up here: The sleep disorder we are discussing is a problem that causes your throat muscles to over relax, followed by the collapse of your throat tissues. The throat obstruction stops you from breathing until your brain notices the problem and nudges you awake, leaving you “choking” (in an effort to begin breathing). Unfortunately, if this is happening to you, the chance of remembering the episode is slim. The good news? We can help you diagnose it and treat it. Learn more!


First things first, if you can relate to feeling tired throughout the day but you don’t know why you’re fatigued, we can help. You will need to come see us for a visit to find out whether you need sleep apnea treatment. To get started, ask yourself if you identify with any of the following symptoms:

  • You snore loudly
  • You feel exhausted every day
  • You struggle with morning headaches
  • Your throat hurts when you wake up
  • You experience dry mouth
  • You’re having trouble concentrating but you don’t know why
  • You feel like you could fall asleep at any moment
  • You’re feeling moody


If we determine that you are, in fact, experiencing sleep apnea, we will immediately suggest sleep apnea treatment. You will be happy to hear that the treatment is a gentle and easy-to-practice form of therapy. It’s completely drug free, as well. As you get into bed at night, you will be placing a mouthguard into your mouth that will move your jaw into an optimal position for airflow, so tissues do not collapse. It’s that simple.