Q&A: Is Your Home Ready For Guests?

qaskyHave you been spending time wondering about the smiles and oral health of your overnight guests? Perhaps you rarely even have overnight visitors but you are curious about whether or not you should have dental hygiene products ready just in case. The quick answer is: It’s always a good idea! As for the details, gather some specifics with our Q&A session.

Questions and Answers: Guests

Question: Should I just assume that a friend or relative will show up with his or her own dental hygiene items, especially if they are going to be overnight guests?

Answer: In this case, the best way to think about your question is by placing yourself in someone else’s shoes. Have you ever forgotten your toothbrush? Perhaps you ended up needing to stay overnight without planning on it and found yourself without your usual items. Sometimes, becoming prepared for others’ unexpected needs turns out to be extremely helpful!

Question: Is there an easy way to make sure my home is prepared for guests, so they can keep their smiles clean?

Answer: Yes, this is very easy. Just think through the items you use on a regular basis and then duplicate a set or two, so your guest has access to those items if necessary.

Question: I don’t know if I want to purchase dental hygiene items that might expire before a guest requires them. Is there a way to shop on a budget or rationalize this idea as worthwhile?

Answer: Yes and yes. First, purchase travel size items instead for a budget-friendly approach. Second, remember that you may also use the products yourself if you notice they are going unused.