Sleep Apnea Q&A: Daily Choices

Q&AbulletinAre you sure about the best daily choices you can make for your sleep apnea? Perhaps you have already begun relying on sleep apnea treatment but you are not completely sure about how dedicated you need to become to this form of therapy. Or, maybe you would like to make some good choices throughout the day to make sure you do not contribute to the obstruction of your airways but you don’t really know how to make the best effort. Let’s clear this up a bit with a Q&A session. And, as always, please ask remaining questions during your next visit with us.

Questions and Answers About Sleep Apnea

Question: Is it important that I continue using sleep apnea treatment on a daily basis What if I travel? Can I just leave it behind or lay off of the treatment if I feel myself getting my energy back?

Answer: It’s extremely important that you rely on your treatment every single night until we specify otherwise. If you are traveling, bring your treatment with you. Even if you are starting to feel better, it can be counterproductive to stop using the oral appliance.

Question: Is there anything I should avoid on a daily basis as far as food is concerned? Or, is it just important that I stick to my sleep apnea treatment?

Answer: While remaining dedicated to your treatment is essential and most foods are just fine, there are some drinks to avoid. You should steer clear of anything that might mess with your sleep patterns, from caffeine (think too much coffee) to nightly alcohol (it will relax your throat muscles).

Question: What about my nighttime routine? Can I sleep however I wish?

Answer: It’s great to make sure you are comfortable and that you are sleeping on your side or your stomach. Sleeping on your back can make sleep apnea worse.