Q&A: Living With Porcelain Veneers

q&arainbowWhen you receive porcelain veneers, the immediate response will likely include absolute joy! Your new smile will look quite lovely. However, this can only happen if you actually agree to move forward with veneers. If the uncertainty regarding what you can expect once your veneers are placed is keeping you from giving the go-ahead, we suggest you think over a few questions (and their corresponding answers) for some serious reassurance.

Questions and Answers: Living With Veneers

Question: How can I take care of my porcelain veneers? I want my smile to stay healthy and beautiful!

Answer: You may care for your veneers like your own natural teeth – brush two times a day every day. Floss once a day every day. Don’t use abrasive products (think toothpaste, for instance). Make sure you still come in to see us for your preventive visits two times a year.

Question: What can I eat with porcelain veneers? Do I need to be careful about my food choices or can I eat and drink whatever I want?

Answer: You can eat and drink anything you want. Avoid foods that look too hard to break down comfortably with your natural teeth. You may also choose to decrease your intake of known staining foods like coffee, wine, punch, berries, and dark sauces. Or, keep a toothbrush and toothpaste on hand, rinse after eating, and then brush within 30 minutes to limit stains.

Question: Are my veneers likely to crack? I’m so worried about protecting them but I’m not sure if there are any tips I should be following.

Answer: While it’s possible for you to damage your veneers, it isn’t likely because they are very durable. If you want to avoid any damage, we suggest treating any existing problems (like bruxism) that can lead to worn teeth. You should also steer clear of any foods you think may be way too sticky or tough to chew with ease.