Goodbye, Whitening Worries!

womanwavingSure, you are well aware of the exceptionally long list of benefits that come with teeth whitening. However, if your mind quickly races through potential drawbacks, you may find yourself far too worried to move forward with whitening. Fortunately, we have had many conversations with patients over the years. As a result, we are prepared to offer some helpful reasons you should feel at ease about brightening up your smile.

It Is Comfortable

One of the main concerns we hear about is sensitivity. Here’s what you need to know: If you attempt to whiten your smile on your own with over-the-counter (OTC) products, sensitivity and damage is likely. Mild sensitivity is also not uncommon immediately following your professional teeth whitening treatment. However, this quickly goes away. The bottom line? We offer an in-office treatment that provides exceptional results, while also protecting against sensitivity (even for those who already struggle with sensitive teeth). In addition, whether you visit our office for treatment or whiten at home, the process is comfortable.

Whitening Is Extremely Effective

Again, if you attempt to whiten your smile with OTC products, you will find that the diluted formulas will not lead to dramatic results. By choosing professional teeth whitening (either in-office or at-home), you can expect a safe method for brightening your smile by multiple shades. After treatment, you will instantly recognize that whitening has removed years of discoloration from your teeth, revealing a younger, brighter, more vibrant grin.

Whitening Isn’t The Last Option

Are your teeth dealing with severe staining from causes such as medication? For deep or extreme stains that do not qualify for whitening, we will not send you home without an option. Instead, we may simply suggest other treatment (veneers or bonding).