Why Do We Need General Dentistry?

elmcreekgeneraldentistryDo you brush and floss your teeth every day? If you do, then you may not understand the importance of general dentistry. After all, why see the dentist for a checkup and cleaning if you take care of your teeth from home? Why do we need general dentistry? The fact is, general dental care is essential for maintaining a healthy and beautiful smile.

Why Do We Need General Dentistry? Quiz

  1. True or False: A checkup allows a doctor to identify problems early on.
  2. True or False: A cleaning help prevent gum disease.
  3. True or False: The dentist can perform a scaling and root planing to treat gum disease.
  4. True or False: Teeth grinding can damage your teeth.

Answer Key

  1. True. The doctor examines your teeth and gums for signs of potential problems. In addition to tooth decay, the doctor will look for indicators of gingivitis and gum disease. The dentist can also use VELscope® technology to identify the presence of oral cancer. Uncovering oral health problems in the early stages can often boost the odds of a full recovery.
  2. True. A cleaning involves removing plaque buildup from the surface of the teeth. Unless removed, plaque can actually inflame the gums and increase the chances of periodontal disease developing. A routine cleaning can also brighten the teeth and help freshen breath.
  3. True. If you have developed gum disease then the dentist may be able to reverse the damage and manage the disease with a deep cleaning. A scaling and root planing can remove plaque from the surface of the teeth and the exposed roots. Doing so can allow the gums to once again adhere to the teeth, closing periodontal pockets and improving oral health.
  4. True. If you suffer from bruxism then you regularly grind your teeth. This disorder can eventually wear down enamel and even chip/crack the teeth. The doctor can help prevent further damage with an oral appliance.