Keeping Gum Disease In Check

Keeping Gum Disease in CheckWhen people think “healthy smile” they often think of strong teeth. Your gums are an equally vital part of a healthy smile. They are the tissues that support the teeth, and keep them secure in the jaw. They are the type of support system that some people take for granted until there is a problem. Keeping gum disease in check will help your teeth, and it may prevent trouble elsewhere in your body as well.

Brushing, Flossing, and More

There is no doubt proper brushing twice a day and daily flossing will help keep gum disease at bay. Use a soft toothbrush in a comfortable size, with a pea-sized bit of toothpaste. Brush in a circular motion, covering all tooth surfaces and letting the tips of the bristles reach gently to the gum line to clean where the gums meet the teeth. Use dental floss to gently clean between teeth and to slide around the gum line. Talk to us about the value of antibacterial mouth rinses and special toothpastes, to help combat plaque.

Eating Habits Can Help

What you eat and when you eat can also help keep your gums healthy. An overall healthful diet will be good for your body in general. Be sure you are getting enough vitamin C. The times you eat also affect oral health. When food (especially sweet, starchy and sticky food) is in contact with your teeth throughout the day, that means the acids in plaque can be stressing you teeth all day. Try to limit snacking, and don’t sip on a sweet drink all morning, or suck on a candy all day. It is fine to enjoy treats, but try to limit the time they are in contact with your teeth and gums, and use a swish of water immediately after a snack, or a gentle brushing about 30 minutes after you eat.

Regular Professional Care

Even the best attention at home doesn’t replace regular professional check ups and cleanings. From your initial office visit, and with every scheduled cleaning, we have the experienced eyes, and the latest technology, to check for signs of gum disease, and alert you to signs of trouble. Office visits are also a great time to ask questions if you have them.


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