How Important Is Your Child’s Smile to Their Future Success?

Want a glimpse of your children’s future? Gaze into their mouth. A child’s healthy smile is an indicator of a bright and successful destiny. The reason is that healthy teeth and gums are now closely linked to overall health, according to many recent studies that have found a connection between what happens in the mouth to diseases in other parts of the body. Unfortunately children are among those with the worst oral health in the country, partly because parents wait until the child goes to school before going to the dentist.

Recent research findings have linked chronic oral infections to diabetes, heart and lung disease, stroke, and low-birth weight babies. In addition, serious dental problems in children can undermine their self-esteem, lead to long-term stress and depression and interfere with normal physical functioning, such as breathing, swallowing, eating, and speaking.

What this all points to is that optimal oral health in children portends a favorable fate that includes overall health, high self-esteem, self-confidence, regular attendance at school, good grades, graduation, employability, success at job interviews, and perhaps more importantly attainment of satisfying personal relationships.

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