Dental Crowns Made in China May Contain Lead

Dentists who use lower-priced, and potentially deadly, crowns and dentures from China may be putting their patients at risk. The dental restorations are sometimes made in unlicensed laboratories and might contain dangerous levels of lead, dental experts have warned.

In the U.S., four cases of lead poisoning have been linked to Chinese dental restorations. An independent laboratory test showed that a few porcelain crowns contained over 200 times acceptable levels of the toxic metal.

Fears over the lead content of crowns, veneers, bridges and dentures became reality when a 73-year- old woman in Ohio became ill after having a crown made in China placed in her mouth.

In other tests on Chinese porcelain restorations, it was revealed that some had high levels of lead. That forced the U.S. National Association of Dental Laboratories to issue a warning to dental patients across the U.S..

Restorations made in China now make up 5% of the dental restoration market, compared with less than 1% just three years ago.

There have been concerns about other products made in the country, which is widely regarded as an emerging economic powerhouse.

Please be reassured, our dental practice will never expose our patients to any potentially harmful risk just to save a few dollars.

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